Yellow Rose Campaign

Nationally, fire service organizations have provided many resources for departments to address stress management. When stress is appropriately managed, firefighters enjoy the job, feel healthier, and maintain strong relationships. Maintaining emotionally healthy work environments for our firefighters must become part of our fire service culture.

The Yellow Rose Campaign’s mission is to remove the stigma of emotional health issues, while linking Michigan’s fire service with resources, training, and peer support. The campaign is a pledge to make a positive impact on the fire service culture.

This presentation highlights the stresses firefighters face, the cultural challenges in the fire service, and our support structure as it relates to contributing factors of suicide and prevention. It will also address leadership and management challenges as they pertain to emotional wellness and improving how we address emotional wellness. This is a great presentation that all firefighters should participate in.

AUG 10, 2022 | 1 PM – 3 PM | SATURDAY

Holly High School Auditorium – 6161 E Holly Rd, Holly, MI 48442

Firefighters Register in SMOKE: Class #: 2024-2-63-Q61P-0509 or contact the course manager at (248) 531-6010

Preference will be given to firefighters and their family members first. However, we also invite EMS Personnel, Dispatchers, Law Enforcement Officers and their families by registering below: