Captain Greene


Captain Andy Greene was a 12 year veteran of the Village of Holly Fire Department. In 2015 Andy was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer; Merkle Cell Carcinoma.

After an initial battle consisting of numerous rounds of chemotherapy, it appeared as if Andy had beaten the cancer. Unfortunately in late 2016 the cancer returned with a vengeance and after another hard fought battle Andy succumbed to his disease.

Andy’s passing came at a great lost to not only the Fire Department but also to his family, friends, and the community. In an effort to help support Andy’s family we held several fundraising campaigns including a Booster T-Shirt Campaign. A GoFundMe, and the latest is a LuLaRoe part. All monies raised are going into a trust fund for Andy’s children.

The support we received from the community and surrounding fire departments was incredibly touching and words can’t express how thankful we are to everyone.

Captain Greene’s EOW Call